Essentially, we do it all.
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Electronic Design/Manufacturing

  • In house circuit design and board layout using Altium Designer to manufacture custom circuit boards.
  • Custom microprocessor programming to create intelligent electronics solutions.
  • Experience designing everything from small stand alone devices to large networked control systems (DMX interface, wireless control)
  • Designed in conjunction with CAD/mechanical design to ensure seamless product integration.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • We use Solidworks (one of the most powerful and widely used mechanical engineering software packages on the market) to design and verify complex mechanical parts and assemblies.
  • By modelling all aspects of a prototype (mechanical function, electronic circuit boards and external appearance) we can verify all aspects of a complex project.
  • Solid models are directly imported into our CAM software to subsequently machine precision physical components.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

  • We use GibbsCAM a powerful Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming software package to program complex toolpaths for our CNC machines
  • We have HAAS CNC machining centers, with 4 axis capability, and a CNC lathe. These precision workhorses allow us to precisely and repeatedly create parts from various metals, plastics, and other exotic materials
  • One-offs prototypes to medium sized production capabilities and sculpturesque pieces.

Laser cutting/Engraving

  • Fine cutting of wood, plastics, vinyl decals, paint masks, fabric, leather
  • Engraving of wood, plastics, leather, anodized aluminum
  • Edges of cut acrylic come polished as a result of the process for better edge lighting


  • One stop shop for CAD design, CNC programming/machining, electronics design/circuit board manufacturing, laser cutting/engraving, and hand fabrication/welding etc.
  • All processes are in house and closely linked so fully integrated prototypes can be produced in short time frames.
  • All aspects of design can be fine tuned and verified as the design progresses to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted time.
  • Project consulting. Have an idea but don’t know where to go? We can help you with the next step to get your idea moving forward.