Whatever you need built.
We can make it happen.

Unlimited Design LTD is a full service design and prototype company that has 33 years combined experience with tight deadlines, small size constraints and exact tolerances. We can make, nearly anything, a reality.

We provide clients a one stop shop for prototyping, consulting and design. Have your own idea and need help making it a reality? From mechanical design to CNC machining and electronics design and integration we can do it all! From concept to product, even if all you have is a sketch on a napkin, we can help.

Meet our Team

Roger: Master of Material Manipulation

Roger started his quest to manipulate material back in 1999 when he enrolled in BCIT’s then “CNC machinist co-op program.” Several years later he found himself machining critical components for various technical sectors including the medical, alternative fuel, and automotive industry.

A desire to do more than just repeat technical widgets for the man, Roger shifted his sights towards merging his technical skills with his inner artistic desire, and in 2006 created Roger 2.0 at the Stargate model shop. It was here that he found his true calling, the machinist of the un-machinable, the pusher of limits, the master of material manipulation.

He is currently working on Roger 3.0.

I.A.T.S.E. 891 Member since 2006.

Paco: Inventor of Ingeniously Intricate Items

Paco has always been fascinated with how things work and how they could be made to work better. A lifelong tinkerer and inventor he studied Systems (Robotics) Engineering at Simon Fraser University to further his desire to understand the world around him. His analytical mind allows him to project how decisions during the design phase of the product lifecycle will impact its function and complexity of manufacturing.

The result of this lifelong endeavour is extensive experience in mechanical design, electronics, computer controlled manufacturing techniques, and complex interdisciplinary project management. Extensive experience working in the fast paced motion picture industry designing complex special effects and props has honed his ability to design complex prototypes in very tight timelines.

Darren: Blinkie Light Technician

Darren always had a need to see and understand how things worked. He often broke more things than he fixed so people would only let him play with things if they were already broken!

In High School he took a liking to electronics, designing and making circuits which led him to study Electrical Engineering at SFU.

In 2002 Darren started working for Stargate part time and before he could say rumpelstiltskin he was employed full time making a variety of electronic whizbangs. Over the course of the next 9 years he developed skills to efficiently design manufacture and populate circuits that had to fit in the oddest of spaces often pushing the limits of the technology and all on a tight deadline.

Using reflow ovens and CNC routing and drilling, intricate boards with the latest Surface Mounted Package can be manufactured in house.