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Lighting Module

Create a self contained RGB lighting module that would allow the operator to set the colour on the board itself or wirelessly via DMX.


  1. Create a uniform lighting effect with not much space
  2. High Power, small space = HEAT
  3. Smooth dimming with LED
  4. Small space for circuit


Using Solidworks a “skeleton” holding the LED strips, electronics and antenna as well as diffusion lenses was created. It was like a real world game of Tetris to make everything fit into a 1.5” diameter tube.

A circuit board that fit within the footprint of the RF module was designed so we could control the lights with the smallest possible space. Using some knowledge of human eye response and clever coding/hardware design we were able to get 3 high resolution LED dimming channels, and with it tuned to the human eye response it looks more natural and smooth compared to other solutions.

The board was designed such that it could be used as the stand alone controller (no RF Module), Wireless receiver controlling LED’s and the wireless transmitter connected to DMX to control LED’s.

Final Design

Follow Up

Has been used successfully on set and beacuse of the small modular design circuit has been used for other lighting projects for that show.